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    [EN] Cycling Cape 2 Cape: The Africa of Kings & Kings

    29000km is a lot of kilometres but that’s exactly what the legs of steel of Adi & Fabian have cycled in the past year and half. Their journey is now reaching its final stages with only three countries to go: Angola, Namibia and South Africa, but that’s the future.   Today we will go through the Africa of Kings and Kings – I don’t think Queens are a thing there – where coronations still happened and each territory has its leader. Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon and Congo were the backdrop of their last four months and that is exactly where we are traveling today. In the last interview you seemed…

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    [EN] Cycling Cape 2 Cape: Into the heart of Africa

    I think it’s safe to say that these guys have super powers. By now they are sort of a “Malariamen” who have survived the virus at least four or five times and, somehow, managed to keep cycling through some of the least developed countries in the world where roads are practically mud. Since we last met – and I apologize for the long hiatus on this series of interviews – Adi and Fabian cycled Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo and are currently in Benin. Following them is not only great to increase my knowledge of African geography (can’t wait to play Trivial Pursuit…

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    [EN] Cycling Cape 2 Cape: The beginning of Africa and loads of desert

    We have reached the point where two Swiss guys are more tanned than me. It’s sad, but it’s true. Anyway, there are more important things to talk about! Adi and Fabian have spent their Christmas and New Year’s in some very deserted lands and they are now close to have completed half of their kilometres goal (32 000). The past months have been a cycling version of “Paris – Dakar”, as they have crossed Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, and Senegal and are now taking a break in Cape Verde (wish I could join!). By what I saw on social media, cycling Africa really seems like a whole other level of…

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    2018: O resumo

    Comecei 2018 sem muito entusiasmo. O ano de 2017 tinha sido o melhor ano de sempre com direito a 6 meses de viagem a solo pela Ásia e Oceânia e marcado também pelo começo do meu mestrado em Milão. Contudo, era certo que em 2018 o ritmo das viagens ia abrandar e tinha sobre a minha cabeça aquela pergunta típica “o que é que vou fazer da minha vida”. Mas não é que 2018 até conseguiu ser um ano jeitoso?! Foi quando comecei a planear este post que percebi que afinal até viajei bastante este ano. Os destinos podem não ter sido tão exóticos como em 2017 (excepto o Irão),…

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    [EN] Home for All: here, there’s a burning hope for a fresh start

    They say the calm comes after the storm. In Lesvos this calmness seems reluctant in coming, but there are some slim beams of light ripping through the clouds. And those rays of sun are NGOs and volunteers who work tirelessly to make the lives of refugees a little easier. Today I want to talk to you about a very unique and special project on the island, Home for All. While most organisations try to improve living conditions within the Moria refugee camp (which is very legitimate and noble), Home for All is the only organization that takes the refugees out of the camp. But why is this so important? Because…

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    [EN] Cycling Cape2Cape: The End of the European Tour

    And just like that, the European leg of Adi & Fabian’s cycling adventure is over. They crossed 12 counties, cycled 12 000 (!!!) kilometres and got a brilliant cycling tan. Eight months of different roads, landscapes and cultures. Still, it was Europe. The real adventure starts now, in Africa, the wildest continent in the world, where basically everything can happen. In this post I want to go through the best and worst moments of the European Tour and try to grasp what is the next year of cycling going to be all about. Since we last spoke, you crossed France and Spain. As usual, I would like to ask you…

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    Home for All: aqui fervilha a esperança de um recomeço

    Dizem que depois da tempestade vem a bonança. Em Lesvos essa bonança parece teimar em chegar, mas existem alguns raios de sol que rasgam a escuridão da tempestade. E esses raios de sol são as ONG’s e os voluntários que trabalham incansavelmente para tornar a vida dos refugiados um bocadinho mais leve. Hoje quero falar-vos de um projecto muito especial e único na ilha, a Home for All. Enquanto a maioria das organizações tenta melhorar as condições de vida dentro do campo de refugiados de Moria (que é muito legítimo e nobre), a Home for All é a única organização que tira os refugiados do campo. E porque é que…

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    Moria: Um inferno onde as chamas não param de arder

    English version here No verão de 2015 não havia telejornal que não abrisse com a crise de refugiados no mediterrâneo. Nesse ano 1 milhão de pessoas à procura de asilo entrou na Europa, tornando esta crise na maior alguma vez registada no nosso continente. Mas, enquanto no início as pessoas que iam chegando conseguiam tratar das burocracias necessárias em poucos dias, com o número crescente de barcos e pessoas a aparecer, os tempos de espera aumentaram. Para anos. O que significa que o campo de Moria, inicialmente concebido para alojar até 2000 refugiados, é hoje a “casa” de 8000 a 10 000 refugiados. Três anos depois, barcos continuam a chegar à…

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    [EN] Cycling Cape 2 Cape: The UK and Ireland Tour

    It’s hard to believe that more five months have passed since Adi and Fabian started their cycling journey. I have managed to see them twice already during their trip, both times in the UK, and had the opportunity to catch up a bit with them and learn about their stories. However, everything is better when shared and here’s this post and interview to keep you updated on their progress. Just to place our readers in time (and space) how many kilometres have you cycled until now and how many countries have you crossed so far? We already cycled more than 9’400km and crossed 11 countries on our way. The distance…

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    [EN] From Nordkapp to Brussels: Cycling the first 5000 km

    Remember the three guys that, three months ago, started a trip of a lifetime going from Norkapp in Norway to Capetown in South Africa by bike? Well, they have now completed over 5000 km in 3 months and are well into their trip. And I’m dying to know how it has been going! So I’m using this second interview to get all the news and gossip first hand before our reunion in London next week. Yes, that’s happening! Adi, what’s going on with that beard? Is it a bet, laziness or you won’t cut it until you finish the trip? It is definitely not a bet 😉 I thought it…